Advisor and Tutor for House Treyes


Tal’meer is slender and long, even by Elven standards. His skin is deeply tanned, which sets him apart in the northlands with its long winters. He wears his golden hair at shoulder length and keeps it intricately braided, with a set of well-kept whiskers on his chin.

Those new to the keep may mistake Tal’meer for the fencing master. While he wears simple blue and green robes, his movements are swift and precise and he carries a pair of blades wherever he goes – a Rapier at his side, and an Elven Curveblade in an ornate scabbard across his back.

In truth, Tal’meer was brought to northern Ustalav a dozen years ago as the personal tutor for Cadon Treyes, teaching the young man his histories, family crests and political theorems to prepare him for his eventual rise as the master of the borderlands.

Beyond his role as Cadon’s tutor, Tal’meer provides occasional counsel for House Treyes when his expertise is asked, but otherwise keeps to himself, taking his meals alone in his small cottage and making frequent sabbaticals to nearby Lepidstadt to study and debate at the University.


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